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The Bmkoin Ecosystem

The Bmkoin Ecosystem’s interconnected channels of opportunity offer all the potential to learn, earn, spend and save; powered by the Bmkoin Token. Connecting the entrepreneurs of rising economies with the tools, resources and people that have never before been in reach while empowering their local communities and providing more trust, interoperability and high utility.


How the Bmkoin Ecosystem Works for You

The Bmkoin community benefits from the interconnected channels of opportunity that unite, connect and enable a rising economy of entrepreneurs. Leveraging the building blocks of entrepreneurship, we are able to supercharge our users' access and reach, share their message and introduce them to the world around them. Supported in the field by a team of Ambassadors, Influencers, Merchants and Agents, our community is empowered to scale and grow by assisting, informing and inspiring each other.


Entrepreneur Empowerment

The Bmkoin marketplace will include the onboarding and integration of best in class DApp partners offering much needed services and tools to entrepreneurs using the platform, thus providing the "Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship"


Understanding the Flow of Bmkoin